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US-Botschaft Berlin: International Education Week, 16. bis 20. November 2015


Developing Advanced Work-Based Higher Education - What Germany and the U.S. Can Learn from Each Other

Currently, many countries are experiencing a strong renewed interest in work-based training.[1] When it comes to discussions in this field, American policymakers usually identify dual apprenticeship training as the “crown jewel” of Germany’s admired skill formation system. In turn, their colleagues from Germany frequently travel to the U.S.

Building a Robust U.S. Work-based Education and Apprenticeship System at Scale

'Blue-collar aristocrats' thrive in German economy

Roger Heps is in his final year of on-the-job training at Bayer, as part Germany's vocational education system.

American students head to Germany for free college

Despite the high cost of college in this country, most American students will choose to go to school here. But a growing number of students are getting their degrees in other countries, like Germany, where taxpayers pick up the tab. WGBH's On Campus team recently traveled to Cologne to explore this higher education defection, and the implications for the United States.