"America the good" - Lecture by Chris Steineger, former Senator, State of Kansas Senate

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"America the good, despite Washington; a discussion of how the American government operates and how the rest of the economy functions".

We will have a brief discussion of the US Constitution; the role of States vs Federal government; and our beliefs in "FREEDOM", "OPPORTUNITY", and "SELF-RESPONSIBILITY".

Washington continues to disappoint me with how dis-functional they are.  The good news is the 50 States and most of the cities continue to operate. And the 98% of the economy that is not Federal government also continues to perform well.

Chris Steineger


"Last fall semester I was a Fulbright guest lecturer at Humboldt University Berlin lecturing in the American Studies Dept. on the subjects of American govt. & contemporary politics. I have also been a guest lecturer for one month at China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing.  US Embassies have hired me as guest lecturer in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and of course Germany.

Most of my adult life has been spent in government in the USA.  I was elected Kansas State Senator four terms 1996-2012, and served in both Democrat and Republican parties !  During this time I researched and debated every issue imaginable including abortion gay rights, guns, gambling, taxation, business incentives, education funding, health care insurance, banking regulation, internet privacy, crime & punishment, alcohol production & regulation, highway construction, and many more.  I worked on Capitol Hill as Congressional staffer many years ago in 1987-88. And I have worked in State and Local government agencies.

I am now on sabbatical from politics and enjoy teaching "American politics" to foreign audiences. My focus is on contemporary issues, economics, politics, and elections in the USA. As a former politician, I am widely versed in the history and especially contemporary culture of my country.   My lectures focus on the mega trends in public opinion of the Americans.  Although we are a large and diverse country, if one can understand the aggregate thinking of American people, then one can predict better in the long term, what will be the politics of our country.  Many years in elected office and travel around the world have given me a great ability to explain American politics and society in a way that foreign audiences can understand. 

Now, the Republicans have won a land slide election at Federal and State levels, and they have been in power a few months.  The candidates for President in 2016 are positioning themselves.  I am willing to offer one lecture/ seminar for your students if that is of interest."

Monday, 20. April 2015 - 14:15 to 15:45
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