Kulturfestspiele in Brandenburg - 13. August -31. Dezember 2016

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Cultural Festival – Program

Schloss Lanke

Sunday, 13.8.2016, 3pm

Jagun Jazz

Eva Jagun and her young band are setting the European poetry of life to music in English and Portuguese. With passion and enthusiasm, they bring the cultural riches to life.

Eva Jagun (vocals), Manuel Zacek (bass), Diego Pinera (drums), Florian Menzel (trumpet)

Lübben Neuhaus

Saturday, 27.8.2016, 5.30pm

Salut d’Amour“

Let yourself be swept away by romantic works of three centuries! True romance transcends epochal limits!

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz (violin), Alina Pronina (piano)

Schlosshof open air Kossenblatt

Sunday, 28.8.2016, 4 pm


Saturday, 13. August 2016 - 15:00 to 17:00