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Effects incurring from a Revoked or not Renewed Passport for an American in Germany

As it could be read in the international press, the American Government recently contemplated sanctioning persons not paying their taxes by either revoking or not renewing its citizen’s passport. This article aims at discussing what effects will incur when such happens to an expatriate American living in Germany.

Depiction of Q&A on FATCA from US Mission in Germany

The FATCA provisions of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of 2010 (HIRE Act) were enacted on March 18, 2010, in order to address concerns with offshore tax evasion.

FATCA and What it Practically means for your German Bank Relationship from the German Legal Perspective

This article is exclusively reaching out to Americans living in Germany. Americans living elsewhere outside the States might consider the results as applicable for them but not typically the argumentation. Non-Americans are not addressed.

Brief des Präsidenten Januar 2011

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