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Almut Malone

– Dr. med. vet. Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V.
Work Phone: +49-30-701 899 71 Cell Phone: +49-172-31 73 455 Website: AVIAN Vogelschutz-Verein (AVV) e.V.


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Personal Information | Introduction

Almut Malone is a freelance clinical project, supply and logistics manager since 1996 and offers her professional services to pharmaceutical, biotech and other healthcare companies under the registered trademark “Mednavigator”.

Almut has a degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) and co-founded the bird protection association “Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V.” in 2004 due a high demand on consulting and intake of wild songbirds found in need of help. In 2010 Almut received the animal protection award of Berlin.

Company | Organisation Overview

Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V. runs a bird nursing station in Spandau and aviaries for the rehabilitation and release of native songbirds with the required permit of the respective authority in Charlottenburg. During breeding season the best help for an uninjured young bird just leaving the nest and not yet able to fly is usually to leave it with its parents. If this is not possible, adoption by the same species is the next best choice, as the survival rate after hand-rearing cannot compete with being raised and taught for wildlife by fellow birds.

With regard to feral pigeons, a domesticated species since some 7.000 years, the policy to control their reproduction especially in unsuitable locations like train stations, has been adopted. This is achieved by offering them appropriate housing and replacing their eggs with artificial substitutes. Like all street animals, and formerly selected for all-year breeding, domestic pigeons are often in poor condition. Their spreading should be managed effectively by birth control and not by inadequate mechanical restriction as currently still seen everywhere.

The Avian bird protection association is listed in the register of Berlin under No. VR 24221 B and entitled to issue donation receipts.

Products and Services

Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V. provides information on handling and options for birds found on the street, determines the species and status by use of a specific checklist, recommends veterinarian practices specialized in birds, takes in a too young bird, or looks for a different solution. Tourists who only speak English can  expect the same support.

Special Offers

From April to June, kindergardens and schools can be visited with chicks of native birds in need of hand-raising. Children are amazingly interested and memorize the given information for a lifetime. We had high school students, who had heard our lecture at age five and instructed their teacher or parent in the correct way of handling a bird.

Obviously, we also help the bird of any AGBC member even if your cat brought it.