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Brief des Präsidenten III/2010

Liebe Freunde und Mitglieder des AGBC-Berlin,

Drei Ereignisse haben den Club in diesen Tagen geprägt und sind richtungsweisend.

Der AGBC-Berlin e.V. hat die Gemeinnützigkeit ohne Vorbehalt von den Finanzbehörden bestätigt bekommen. Die Vorgangsnummer ist auf der Website eingetragen.

President’s Letter II/2010 – Invitation to Best Business Plan Awards Banquet 2010

Motivated by a genuine interest and hope in the future of Berlin-Brandenburg’s Youth, the American German Business Club Berlin e.V. announced the Best Business Plan 2010 (BBP 2010) in fall 2009. This year was the fourth year of AGBC-Berlin students’ competition.

The growing interest of the Berlin Senate and the Ministry of Education, Potsdam / Brandenburg, schools, teachers, and parents to support their children in gaining a head start encouraged us to bring off this students’ business plan competition “BBP 2010”.

Brief des Präsidenten - April 2010

Liebe Freunde und Mitglieder des AGBC Berlin.

Ein neuer Vorstand ist für die Dauer von zwei Jahren gewählt.

President's Letter December 2009

Dear members and friends, we can look back to a successful year 2009.
The series of functions “world nourishment – world climate – world energy” at the beginning of this year open the AGBC-Berlin new fields and lead interesting guests and members to us.

President's Letter November 2009

AXA insurance company has agreed to give financial support for our school competition „Best Business Plan“. We lend thanks to them for this pleasure and look forward to working well together.

AGBC Berlin is now in cooperation with our partners in the practice of schooling and the economy.

AGBC is supporting the U.S. Embassy in Berlin by lending competent pupils for Commercial Services “Volunteer Internship Program”.