Best Business Plan 2009 - New Developments & Timeline

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Time Line

19th November 2008

Official Kick-Off with Harrison Owen „Wave Rider – Leadershipfor High Performance in a Self Organizing World“,
Hotel Berlin Marriott

November-December 2008

The AGBC Berlin e.V. committee will revisit and reestablish contacts with schools which already participated in the
competition plan. Recruitment efforts will be undertaken to help reach out to new schools, their directors and teachers
across Berlin and Brandenburg. First mentoring and informationmeetings will be held for interested students.

February-April 2009

Students are invited to attend monthly scheduled meetingswith mentors and coaches suggested by the AGBC e.V. Berlin.
The purpose of these meetings is to answer questions and provide guidance for students participating in the competition
plan. Students are also given the opportunity to send questions per email to the competition mentors and coaches.

30th April 2009

Deadline for turning in final business plans. Business plans should be postmarked or emailed by 30 April 2009.

May 2009

Jury selects finalists.

June 2009

Official banquet for finalists, students who handed in a business plan, sponsors, parents, teachers, AGBC members
and guests.

July-August 2009

Internship period and additional business advising and coaching for finalists.