President's Letter IV/2010

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Dear Friends and Members of AGBC-Berlin,

On the behalf of the Board, we wish you all the health and happiness in 2011! And of course, stay kind-natured as well.

For the year 2011, the AGBC-Berlin has elected a new special interest topic.  After the 2009 topic, “Global Food, Global Climate, Global Energy” and 2010 topic, “Health”, the AGBC has chosen the “Middle East” as the new topic for 2011. 

 We believe that a positive development in the "Middle East" is reachable through a coordinated German and American interest policy, which begins with an understanding of societies and cultures in these countries.

Even Kai Diekmann, the Editor in Chief from BILD, did allow Syrian’s President Bashar Al-Assad during the second-part of the interview to have his say.  This part of the interview can be viewed in the Daily Star (Lebanon) and at the Syrian News Agency, SANA. 

Recently at the 68th German Lawyers Conference in 2010 in Berlin, they chose the themes, Religious Beliefs and Religious Communities, and came to the conclusion that Religious communities "meet -to a considerable extent- social functions for the community."

This February 22, 2011 (please make a special note), the AGBC-Berlin will host its first public event involving the Middle East.

At this event, Lawyer, Alia von Werder (Frankfurt/M.) will be speaking about:

 "The Islamic Culture and its Patients: a Task for the German Judicature."


Further information about this lecture is available in the event calandar.

We look forward to you seeing you at our upcoming events.  By the way, the AGBC-Berlin e.V. is one of the only clubs of its kind that has reached the non-profit organization status. 


Udo von Massenbach