Membership of The American German Business Club Berlin e.V. is open to all companies, organizations and individuals. Anyone can apply to for membership.

As a member of AGBC-Berlin, you are provided networking possibilities among entrepreneurs, managers, and self-employed business owners of almost every economical sector.

Joining the AGBC-Berlin enables you to:

new business contacts and business partnerships
our online platform to promote your organization through our Business
references for your business
complementary and discounted admission to club events
a difference in helping young students get an early start in developing their business skills as a Best Business Plan mentor
access to decision makers and key influencers in Germany’s capital city Berlin (business, political, philanthropic and academic communities)
information and support from club members
regular invitations to interesting AGBC-Berlin and partner events
discounted products and services from associated club businesses

Volunteering your talents, experience and skills with the AGBC-Berlin is a great way to make new business contacts, be part of facilitating change in Berlin and investing in the growth of German American business.

If you’re not already a member, we invite you to explore the various membership types and join us to become part of an organization that is dedicated to building and sustaining strong business relationships between the U.S. and the city of Berlin.