The American German Business Club Berlin

About us


The goals and aim of the club are to maintain the friendship and intensify contacts between the Berlin economy and the U.S.

Andreas Weigelt | Club President, AGBC-Berlin

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, US – German relations have undergone a series of fluctuations and can no longer be taken for granted. Today, challenging geo-political and economic developments are compounded by concerns over energy supplies and data security. In addition, cultural differences between the two nations can impede effective communication and cooperation and hold back growth and prosperity.

The American-German Business Club Berlin (AGBC Berlin e.V.) About us
is a professional business club dedicated to building strong relationships between American and German business communities.

The AGBC-Berlin promotes business opportunities between companies and individuals by providing a cross-cultural networking framework for members of all nationalities. The Club enables individuals living and working in Germany and with American connections to meet like-minded individuals. The AGBC offers a platform to tap into member resources and keep up to date on  developments of the German American business community.

The AGBC-Berlin is a private, non-profit, volunteer driven organization. Since its establishment in 1995, AGBC-Berlin has grown a strong membership base of  entrepreneurs, small-medium-size enterprises and public sector organizations.

The club’s membership community consists of a wide variety of businesses and professions including banking, law, property development, information technology, engineering, design and publishing to mention a few. While the club has, as its title would suggest, a large number of Germans and Americans as members it is open to all nationalities, and as a result has an international character. Meetings and club business are conducted in English.

With a wide range of interesting networking and educational events conducted each year, an impressive benefits package and a strong voice for business in Berlin, the American German Business Club Berlin is one of Berlin’s premiere business clubs.