Tag der Luftbruecke

Tag der Luftbrücke


75 Jahre Berliner Luftbrücke

Am 26. Juni 1948 begann die größte Luftversorgungsaktion der Geschichte. Die sowjetische Militärverwaltung hatte Straßen- und Schienenverbindungen zwischen Berlin und den Westzonen unterbrochen. Die USA starteten daraufhin die Luftbrücke.

Was ist die sogenannte Luftbrücke?
Der Ausdruck Luftbrücke bezeichnet allgemein einen vorübergehend eingerichteten Luftkorridor zu einem bestimmten geographischen Punkt. Dadurch erfolgt eine Luftverlastung von Gütern oder seltener auch Personen.

Helena P. Schrader hat zu diesem Thema 2 Bücher veröffentlicht, die wir Ihnen hier gerne vorstellen möchten.

Bridge to Tomorrow
A Novel of the Berlin Airlift
Book I: Cold Peace

On 24 June 1948 the Soviet Union abruptly closed all land and water access to the Western Sectors of Berlin. Over 2 million civilians, dependent on the surrounding territory and the West for food, fuel, and other basic goods, were suddenly cut off from all necessities of life.

The Western Allies had the option of either withdrawing their garrisons and allowing the Soviet Union to take control of the entire city, or of trying to supply the city by air. Never before in history had 2 million people been supplied exclusively by air. None of the senior military commanders believed it could be done …



The Blockade Breakers
The Berlin Airlift

The Blockade Breakers

Europe 1948. The continent struggles with rationing, widespread unemployment and a growing Soviet threat while Berlin lies ruined under the joint control of wartime allies bitterly at odds. With the currency worthless, the population lives on hand-outs or turns to crime and prostitution. Deep inside the Soviet Zone of occupation, it is an ideal target for a communist take-over. 

The defenders of democracy are on a collision course with Stalin’s merciless aggression.

In the ruins of Hitler’s capital, former RAF officers and a woman pilot start an air ambulance company. The service offers …



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