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Greater Richmond, Virginia, USA - GE-Alstom energy deal redefines power industry

November 2, 2015

GE completed its acquisition of Alstom’s power and grid business today. The transaction, GE’s largest industrial deal ever, unites two storied businesses with roots stretching to the very dawn of the power industry more than a century ago and to its pioneering founders Thomas Edison and Elihu Thomson.

SELECTUSA: Do you know what's in the TPP?

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European Commission: EU to pursue the most ambitious sustainable development, labour and environment provisions in TTIP


Brussels, 6 November 2015


"Trade is not just about our economic interests, but also about values. That's why we are proposing a very ambitious approach to sustainable development in the EU-US trade talks."

Gallup: Many German Managers Not Strengths-Focused


GTAI-Germany Trade & Invest : USA

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