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McKinsey Quarterly: Competition at the digital edge: ‘Hyperscale’ businesses

Digitization is giving rise to a new form, with a scale and complexity that challenge managerial conventions.

Changing Travel Habits of Young Americans and the Implications for Public Policy

Over the last decade – after 60-plus years of steady increases – the number of miles driven by the average American has been falling. Young Americans have experienced the greatest changes: driving less; taking transit, biking and walking more; and seeking out places to live in cities and walkable communities where driving is an option, not a necessity.

COLUMN-Mass layoffs complicate oil industry's long-term plans: Kemp - RTRS

13-Feb-2015 12:53

(John Kemp is a Reuters market analyst. The views expressed are his own)

By John Kemp

LONDON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - “This is the really crappy part of the job, and this is what I hate about this industry

TTIP-Transparenz: Kommission veröffentlicht Vorschläge zur Zusammenarbeit in Regulierungsfragen

10.02.2015: Die Europäische Kommission hat heute (Dienstag) ihre Verhandlungstexte in Sachen regulatorische Zusammenarbeit mit den USA veröffentlicht. 


A Brief History of the Oil Crash-John Kemp (Reuters)

Feb 6 (Reuters) - In 2013 and early 2014, the growing imbalance between supply and demand in the oil market was masked by a string of supply disruptions as a result of war, unrest and sanctions.